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Last Updated 21th March 2017

The oily Hand diesel day (OHDD) is a lighthearted event to celebrate the joy of building and flying Free Fight(FF) and Control Line (CL) model aircraft.
Radio models are permitted as long as they use diesel engines or unmuffled glow engines under 1cc.
This is not the weekend for Electric models. We have a separate event called 'SPARKS' for them later in the year.
it takes place at 'Milroy field' on the last weekend in August.
(see 'Who we are and where we fly')

Final wrapup: More OHDD 2106 photos

Full report for OHDD 2016

Here is the link to Andy's full report

We have done it as a PDF file for you to download and distribute.

Photos from OHDD 2106 (Bill)

Here are a few images taken over the weekend that tell a story of a great weekend.
Not only was the weather fantastic (the FF boys were able to fly from sparrows to dusk on all three days) but everwhere we looked people seemed to be ejoying themselves to the max.
Thanks again to everyone who came and made this such a great event.

OHDD 2016 Competition Results

Just for the record here are the results for the various competitions we ran over the weekend.
Many thanks to all who competed and the friendly spirit in which you participated.
Photos to follow.

The David Owen Oily Hand Flight Scramble Perpetual trophy
1st Chris Birch (1125 sec)
2nd Craig Thornton (971 sec)
3rd Maris Dislers (896 sec)

SAMS Cabin Scramble
1st Michael Towell (1508 sec)
2nd Steve Jenkenson (1335 sec)
2nd Darren Lydford (1335 sec)
4th Peter van der Waterbeemd (1285 sec)
5th Don Howie 1223 sec)

Catapult Glider Scramble
1st Dr Sam Peden (984 sec)
2nd Jeff Poulsen (719 sec)
3rd Andy Luckett (482 sec)
4th Mike Minty (296 sec)

Cowra Plank
1st Bobby Fisher (64 sec)
2nd Warren Brown (68 sec)
3rd Andy Luckett (75 sec)

Super Plank
1st Bill Swan (75 sec)
2nd Bobby Fisher(76 sec)
3rd Maris Dislers (79 sec)

Apex Concours 1st Andrew Linwood (30 points)
2nd Peter Norrie (22 points)
3rd Mike Minty (21 points)

Apex PAA Load
1st Peter Norrie (709.5 gram)
2nd Jeff Poulsen (512.0 gram)
3rd Colin Maybury (465.9 gram)

Weather report for OHDD

At this time of the year weaqther is always of concern as weather fronts come through on an almost weekly basis bring varing amounts of rain and wind.
At present the latest weather reports from multiple sites look very encouraging for the OHDD weekend.
However, the front that is coming through in the next few days looks set to clear in time to give us great weather for the weekend.
The field looks great at present too (see images below). A short crop of canola has been planted in 'our' paddock
but we have permission to fly FF and hand-lauched RC from the padocks immediately to east.
These pasture paddocks (well grazed lucerne and fallow) are even better than the usual paddock for this purpose so we shouldn't have any lost models this year.

View to the east, paddock in the distance is where we will be flying FF The normal runway surrounded by short canola but still okay for RC and CL View to 'Eagle hill' the south

Davis Diesel Raffel

A model diesel engine has been donated to Cowra MAC to raffle off during OHDD 2016
The diesel is a DC Merlin .75cc and is New In Box and in very good condition.
Tickets will only be on sale Saturday and Sunday of Oily Hand.
Tickets will be five dollars and you can buy as many as you want.
Winner will be drawn at the presentation 12:30 Sunday.

the DC 0.75cc complete with box

Amended Cabin/Sport Model Scramble Rules for SAMS R/C assist : Oily Hand Day 2016

Any cabin or semi scale sport model, designed before 1960. e.g. Tomboy, Cardinal etc.

Any engine up to 1.0 cc or replica thereof produced before 1960. (0.6cc MP Jet diesel engines are also permitted).

Models are to be launched from the flight line into wind.
Model must land in the designated landing area behind the flight line as determined by the contest director.
If any part of the model crosses the designated landing area boundaries when landing this will result in a zero flight score.
If unsure ask the contest director.
At the end of the competition (usually after 30 minutes) the model MUST land in the designated landing area, otherwise a zero flight score.
Pilots must not enter the designated landing area until the model has landed.
Transmitters must remain on the flight line whilst the model is retrieved.
The model must have the engine stopped BEFORE returning the model to the flight line.
The engine must be hand started, no electric fingers.
No runners are allowed. Pilot must retrieve the model.

Time Keeper:
Please arrange yourself a time keeper beforehand.
Score cards will be provided.
Minimum flight to count is 30 secs.
Maximum flight is 3 minutes (180 secs).
Flight times to be written down in minutes and seconds.
Record all flights even if less than 30 seconds in duration.
Most time in the air, over the allotted time, wins.(The length of the contest will be announced on the day but is usually 30 minutes).

PDF download of amended rules

Flyers and information for the 2016 OHDD

OHDD is sneaking up on us again so here is a link to the 2016 OHDD event flyer is that that tells you what to expect

For those of a mildly competetive nature, here are the rules for the various low-key competition events we run.

catapult scramble event ,
Apex payload event ,
plank racing event

Don't worry if competition is not your thing, there is plenty of time for general flying. In fact this is the main activity over the weekend.

Vale David Owen
This year saw the passing of our great friend and regular Oily Hand day attendee, David Owen. If there was anyone who epitomised what Oily Hand is about, it was David. Aeromodelling, and model diesels in particular, were a huge part of his life. From skipping school to fly models as a youngster, through 'coincidentally' competing in the Nationals whilst honeymooning, to his regular attendance at events like OHDD, he was always a keen participant and contributor to our hobby.

David, of course, was notable for his association with model diesels in this country. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of them, and a gift for making them and working on them. For some of us, our first diesel (and many subsequent ones) came with an "Owen Engines" sticker on the box. Almost all the PAWs, MP Jets and Schlossers that we enjoy so much at Cowra were sourced through David, and there are plenty of other model diesels that are only running today because of his skills in the workshop.

While there were many aspects to aeromodelling that David enjoyed, Oily Hand was one of the highlights of the year. For him, being one of a bunch of relaxed and happy modellers out in a paddock was about as good as it got. He loved the area, the atmosphere, and the company. He didn't always manage to fly as much as many of us, because he was forever answering questions and helping out with problems, but he enjoyed that too.

In honour of David’s contribution to proper aeromodelling, a perpetual trophy has been instituted. While he was active in CL and radio, David's great love in modelling was FF. He was the first winner of the OHDD FF Scramble, and it's fitting that this event will now be known as ‘The David Owen Oily Hand Free Flight Scramble’. The perpetual trophy will be awarded each year to the winner. David will be in our hearts and minds as we run around the paddock chasing our aeroplanes. We will remember him, as we enjoy the pleasure of running the engines David provided and fixed for us.

A link to this event flyer is here is here

Apex: OHDD model for 2016

This year will be the tenth anniversary of the CowraMAC Oily Hand Diesel Day. to mark the occasion, and after some lengthy discussion at last years Oily Hand Diesel Day it was decided that the model for 2016 would be the free flight 'Apex' in honor of our friend 'Pooley' who has come to all ten OHDD events since 2006. This model is one of his all time favourites.

Pooley with his treasured Apex in 2007 Note the rags for oily hands

The plan is available for down load from the 'outerzone website, but to make it easier for some people to access here is a link to the plan as well as a profile of the wingrib (copied from Humphrey's model) here because this important bit of information is missing from the plan

Please pass them around to anyone who may be interested.

Plans for the 'Trout trainer control line model

There has been some interest in the You Tube video of the 'trout' again.

At least one viewer has requested a plan for this hardy little model.

Interested in making one?

A link to the plan is here and link to the exploded diagram of the fuselage construction is here

Please pass them around to anyone who may be interested.

Oily Hand Day 2015 at the Ever Sunny Milroy Field

Cowra MAC’s popular Oily Hand has come and gone for 2015.

After a week of terrible rainy and windy weather the skies cleared for another perfect Oily Hand weekend. Gumboots though were the order of the day. The grim weather outlook couldn’t keep keen aeromodellers away making 2015 was the biggest Oily Hand yet with sixty one registered participants. This kept the volunteer kitchen staff busy all weekend. Pricey’s excellent bacon and egg roll breakfasts were a hit both days. It was estimated fifty seven gallons of tea and coffee were drunk.
One would think that with that many modellers flying free flight, radio and control line at the one venue there would be confusion. This is not the case as the event is organised to cater for all three disciplines. What is more the participants are courteous and understand what their fellow modellers are doing. Everyone has a great time and the weekend runs smoothly.

Besides the flying on the field there is also the circus in the pits and parking lot. Someone will open a boot full of goodies for sale and it is bees round the honey pot. Engines from the most recent glow engine right back to a Mills 1.3MkI. D/T timers, radio gear, C/L models, kits new and old it is all there. A supermarket in the parking area.Have I got a deal for you?

Of particular interest is Eddie Holly’s display of hand made diesel engines. Eddie informed us that this year he had only made two new engines. Most of us were lucky to have built two models in that time. Over the course of the weekend Eddie runs each of his engines, including the ‘V’ twins, much to the intrigue of the crowd that gathers. Eddies engines are not show ponies and some of them are fitted in the models he flies at Oily Hand.

Each year Cowra MAC,in conjunction with Oily Hand, chooses a different charity to support. The individual members donate the tea, coffee and cakes and the proceeds from morning & afternoon teas go to the charity. This year the charity was Angel Flight. Angel Flight provides flights to major centres for country people requiring non-emergency medical services. Pilots of aircraft provide their time and aircraft to make these flights and Angel Flight does the organisation and provides the fuel and landing fees. A very worthwhile organisation that provides a vital service would otherwise not exist. Check them out at www.angelflight.org.au This year Cowra MAC is proud to announce we raised $350 for Angel Flight.

The model of the meet for 2015 was Merv Bell’s ‘Sundancer’ control liner. The Sundancer is a classic C/L model from the 1960’s. It was principally designed as an FAI 2.5cc combat model, but it also makes and excellent fast sport aerobatic model. In all thirteen Sundancers turned up for the weekend. Merv himself was on hand with his latest Sundancer in red and natural wood livery. Very typical of Merv’s exactingly built models.

Five events in all were run at Oily Hand this year. They were of a wide variety to suit all interests. The events are optional, but a nice bottle of plonk is the winners’ reward.The first event was concours d’elegance for the Sundancer entries. The event is judged by vote of the registered pilots. First was regular participant Warren Brown, second designer of the model Merv Bell and third Andy ‘Mr Oily Hand’ Luckett. The Saturday evening saw two very different scramble events.

The first was radio assist to the SAMS rules. A vote of thanks to Grant Manwaring from SAMS for organising and running this event. First Michael Towell with 23min 57sec, second Peter Scott with 23min 29sec and third Peter Smith (Canberra) with 21min 27sec. The SAMS Scramble was followed by a traditional F/F scramble as the sun faded.

Michael Towell backed up for a second scramble win in this event with 14min 33sec, second Chris Birch 14min 25sec and third Mark Godfrey with 13min 26sec. Of worthy mention here is Chris Birch who is a junior and came second in this his first scramble event with the first F/F model he has ever built.

Sunday morning, early, saw the usual crowd galloping around the field in the catapult glider event. First of course was ‘Dr’ Sam Peden flying one of his canard creations. 20min 36sec. Second was Merv Bell, 14min 7sec. Third Andy Luckett, flying a Dr Sam creation, 14min 3sec. Just prior to lunch on Sunday was the usual Plank Race. This year instead of flying the Cowra Plank the racer was the Sundancer. The speed and agility of the Sundancer certainly upped the ante. Bob Fisher came first with a screaming Cox Conquest in his Sundancer. 1:06:3. Second Steve Thomas whose flying ability overcame the modest performance of the loop scavenged Enya he had fitted. 1:25:4. Third was first time Oily Hander, Alan Brown, showing us how with his Super Tigre G15 Sundancer. 1:27:1.

The presentations and revelation of the model of the meet for 2016 on Sunday at lunchtime signalled the official end of the event.

The model of the meet for next year is ‘Apex’. This model has been chosen to honour Phil Poole who is has attended every Oily Hand to date. Apex is one of Phil’s favourite models and he has flown it at every Oily Hand. What better way to kick off the tenth Oily Hand. The plan for Apex can be downloaded at outerzone plans list. Get building and flying for next year’s concours and ‘Apex’ event.

That’s right next year is the tenth anniversary of Oily Hand. And yes we are planning something special to celebrate.

Be sure to set aside the date on your aeromodelling calendar.

Last weekend in August 26th,27th& 28th.

Here are some videos Mike G. took over the weekend to help you remember it all and to whet your appetite for next years event

More photos and information on the Barton UK control line site (go to controlline.org.uk,forums,coming events,oily Hand Diesel Day 2015) and the AeromodellersNSW Newsletter

Aug 2015 Oily Hand Weather Update

Coming into spring in the Central West the weather can be unpredictable.

And this year it is particularly so. They keep changing the forecast twice a day on us at the moment.



There hasn’t been a dud one yet. So there is no reason any meteorologist or deity will cast a curse on this one.

The weather will be great. Cold mornings, dead calm and sunny all day.
But just to hedge our bets we have arranged an indoor venue if needed.

This would only be in case of continual rain.

So put an 'indoor' in.

Rubber would be best, but electrics, little heli, quads & etc will be acceptable as a consolation for being rained out.

Looking forward to seeing you all at ‘Milroy’ field.

Merv Bell's Sundancer

Here is the updated plan model of the meet for OHDD 2015.

A full description of this model was given earlier just before the 'Dambusters' report.

If you have no idea what OHDD is, here is a flyer for the weekend Oily Hand Diesel Days 2015

Merv's plan was good enough for him to build from but Andy spent a bit of time with Merv picking his brains.

Here is the result, fresh from Andys drafting board.

Please download it (and build it) but please don't post it anywhere else on the internet yet - there may be few more bugs to iron out.

Andy will be posting a build log soon and anything he comes across wil be incorporated into the plan as he goes.

Lets not get too many different versions of the plan out there and confuse people.

Sundancer plan v 1.1 redrawn by A.L.

Happy building

Oily Hand Day 2015

Only a couple of months to go before the next event now. Just long enough to build the model of the meet.
This years mode is the 'Sundancer'a 33”combat design from the ‘60s by Merv Bell. The model is of conventional layout and makes an excellent sport model.
It is derived from Merv’s highly successful open combat model with which he won state titles.It is slated for a 2.5cc, G15, but will fly happily on a smaller donk.
Many will see a similarity to the ‘Roadrunner’ series of models but this little ‘Sundancer’ is something special Merv created for the combat brigade.

A plan is available from the Cowra MAC website (below), or from Barton. As per last year there is a concours judging and a ‘Sundancer’ flying event,
which takes the place of the ‘Plank Race’ ........... same rules (see below) just fly your ‘Sundancer’ instead.
This year we will also be running two scramble events for small diesel models on the saturday night.
The first half hour scramble will be run to SAMS scramble rules (below).The second half hour scamble will be to MAAA rules except you can have a runner.
There will also be a catapult glider scamble on the Sunday morning (rules below).

Other details are on the Event flyer (below)

Please check this website regularly for updates.
Andy is planning a Sundancer build log and there will be more details and photos as we get closer to the date.

Rules and Plans downloads:

Flyer for Oily Hand Diesel Days 2015

Merv Bell's Sundancer plan'

Here are the rules we will use for the sundancer flying event

Here are the rules we will use for the SAMS scramble rules

Here are the rules we will use for the catapult glider scramble

CowraMAC Oily Hand Diesel Day 2014

AUGUST 29th,30th & 31st

R/C - diesel (any capacity) or small glo (max capacity 1cc)

C/L - diesel or open exhaust glo - three circles operating

F/F –diesel, small glo, rubber power, CO2 or towline glider


This year there are five events – participation in them is optional.

Saturday 1:00 pm – 1:30pm Sportster concourse d’elegance and photo shoot

Saturday 2:00pm Plank Racing

Saturday 5:00pm–6:00pm Twilight F/F Scramble – half hour - run to MAAA rules but with a runner allowed.

Sunday 8am Half Hour Catapult Glider Scramble.Same rules as previous year.

Sunday 10am to 11:30am Sportster Flying Challenge

Link to flyer for OHDD 2014 with all the info.

This model was suggested by Carlo DeFillipis at the Vets Gathering in 2013. It is a departure from the usual small F/F model selected for Oily Hand.
The model was originally designed by John Lamont around 1950. It was kitted by Hearn’s in 1960 as a rudder only R/C model.
It was intended for use with a sequential button push radio set.
This meant the model was required to carry quite a payload and the suggested engine was a 2.5cc ED Racer.
Interestingly the model has quite a large wing area, as the chord is 10” for its 50” span.
This means it is not much smaller than the current crop of ‘40’ sized trainers.
We hope you find it a rewarding aeromodelling adventure to build and fly the Sportster.
See the attached sheet for further info about the model and the events you can enter in with it at Oily Hand.

Link to more information about the 'model of the meet'

Link to the plan on Outerzone.
The Hearn's Hobbies Sportster 200% Sportster Yes, yet another sportster

To further whet your appetite for this little model here are two more really nice examples of the 'Sportster'

Building Mimi (Andy)

I have finally finished my Mimi. It took a while to get around to it, but a couple of rainy days kept me indoors with no excuses and nothing else to do.

There were several tricky bits I found while building to the plan so I also put together a build log (below).

While at the Vets gathering at Musswellbrook this year I bumped into Brian Allcock who has already built his model.

As you can see from the photos I took of it (below) he has re-interpretted the plans somewhat. Once trimmed his model still put in some very nice flights.

So, not long to go now. You had better get cracking if you want to bring your Mimi to OHDD2013.

Here are the links to the 'Mimi fuselage build log' and Pictures of Brian's Mimi .

Oily Hand Diesel Day 2013 is getting close again

The next OHDD is not that far away so here are a few things we have in mind for this years event.

The model of the meet has been decided. It is something a bit out of the ordinary.........Ray Malstom's 'Mimi' free flight model for Cox 020 or 0.5cc diesel

Its not as easy to build as you might think so we will soon be posting a build log to get you aroung the tricky bits.

As usual there will be the 'Cowra flying plank' event as well as the early morning 'scramble' for small glow and diesel models. This is usually followed by general free flight in the morning and general CL in the afternoon when the wind picks up a bit.

New for this year is a catapult glider scamble on the Sunday morning.

If you don't already own one there is just about time to build a new model for these events.

The plan for Mimi can be downloaded from http://www.outerzone.co.uk/index.asp

Here are the plans for the 'Cowra Plank' and the rules for the event Oily Nippy Nude Stunt Speed Plank Racing

Here are the rules we will use for the catapult glider scramble

And finally, here is the event flyer with more details about the 2013 OHDD arrangements and the special events Cowra OHDD 2013 dodger

Hopefully we will be seeing you all again soon.

Cox 049 Sabre plans

Andy makes a very nice all sheet Cox 049 powered 'NA Sabre'based on a Dick Sapolus plan thats no longer available.
Its a particular favorite.When he gets going he knocks them out six at a time as a job lot.
We have had a video of the Sabre on you tube for, oh, ten months now. It has had over 1500 hits.
Early in the piece there was a "like" and a comment asking about the plan.
Andy has finally managed to find it and have it digitised, together with the instructions.

The all sheet NA Sabre. Andy and Matthew at the 2009 OHDD.

Here is a link to a pdf file of the plan and instructions.

Flying rag Experiments 15/07/12 (Andy)

If you have been folowing the discusion on the 'Barton' website in the UK, there is a bit of chat about how to set up the 'flying rag' model for OHDD 2012. Here is our progress with the design so far.....The engine used here is one of those funny little ones they call ‘product engines’ on the ebays. The grey plastic bit has been replaced with the small tank and back plate. The fuel feed currently goes to the side of the tank like it is for C/L. The fuel is 20% castor, 20% nitro. The prop is a 6x3 Cox bendy black plastic which doesn’t break on impact.

• the fuel must be running out of the tank vents with centrifugal force as the motor spins. the fuel pickup might need to be re-routed to the tank bottom. might need to try the stunt tank or attach some extended breather to the tank vents...maybe this doesn't matter.

Using a rag made of poly-cotton from the lady in the material shop down the street. I chose a nice bright red piece. Cut out a 24”x24” square and twitched it to the 049 with a couple of lengths of thin copper wire as shown in the photos. Notice it is left loose enough so the inlet at the back of the donk isn’t blocked. Initial flights weren’t so good. Trimming around 1½” from the perimeter of the rag improved things. But the best results were when the strips trimmed from the rag were tied to each corner as it is seen in the video. Not only does it fly better, it starts to look like a carnival zooming around. So some purple crepe paper was attached and this made everything better.

Here is what it should look like. How to attatch the rag to the engine and Full size rag before it was trimmed

• The rag needs to be swinging wide to make the rig stay pointing up. The spinning of the engine tends to wind the rag up until the whole rig becomes unstable and eventually turns over and dives. Watch the video.
• The solution would appear to be to stop the whole engine spinning to fast so the rag doesn’t wind up. Running the engine rich to reduce revs produced better flights as the rag didn’t wind up as quick.
• A larger prop to slow the engine – 7x3 – would help.
• Another fix might be to try a fishing swivel between the engine and the rag.

To see how it went follow the action on our own youtube channel http://'www.youtube.com/user/CowraMAC'

.... to be continued.

More Oily Hand Day 2012 stuff

I case you have missed it, here is the link to the '2012 OHDD program' telling you what we have planned.

Indoor on Saturday night has mainly been a 'Hangar rat' affair. Just to widen the scope of the event here are plans for the zephyr and and building instructions. It's another tried and tested indoor rubber model that will float o-so-slowly around the stadium. It flies even slower than the 'rats'.

Last year Robbo and Pooley flew 049 powered flying rags much to everyone’s amusement. So this year we decided we would have a mass launch on the Sunday morning.
links to the 'plans' (if you can call them that) and rules for the mass launch 'rag thingy' plans and rules

Once again we intend to run the light hearted Cowra Plank ONNSSPR (Oily Nippy Nude Stunt Speed Plank Racing) 'competition' event. Here are the links if you need more details 'Cowra Plank plans' and ONNSSPR rules

Oily Hand Day 2012

Once again, plans for the next OHDD (Fri 24- Sun 26 Aug) are underway so pass the word around. We will post an events flyer for the day shortly.

To give you a few advance details so you can start building;

The FF model of the 'meet' for 2012 will be "Peta" Peta FF plans , developed by Brian Allcock from the Aeromodeller design "Pete" a 30" FF model .

We also hope to have some impromptu CL combat and the ususal Saturday evening event at the local PCYC for your Hangar Rats, Zephyrs and chuck gliders etc..

Here are two likely contenders for the combat sessions.

The "Dominator" Dominator plans ,plans and "Early Bird" Early Bird plans

The Dominator was designed by Mike Davis 1964 and is a legend in combat circle. It is currently having a renaissance as a slow combat model. The plan is an accurate tracing made by Andy back in the 80's. The Early Bird is a derivative of the Dominator, by Richard Wilkens from 1965.

As usual, contacts for the event are Ian Cole 63424162 (iankerrycole@gmail.com) and Andy luckett 6342 3054 (mudpied@bigpond.com)

A good news story!

At Oily Hand last year Peter Jackson had a flyaway. Everyone knew where it went down. The theories ranged from ‘I saw it just to the left of that tree’ to vector angles and trigonometry. After much thrashing around in the waist high wheat field the search was abandoned.

Fast forward to November and it’s time to harvest canola. Matt is on the header and round and round he goes chopping up everything in his path. Unbeknown to him nestling deep in the crop is Peter’s diminutive free flighter. At the instant he turns from observing the rich black seed filling the bin and his head with dollar signs to check his tracking,he observes the distinctive shape and red wings of a model aircraft. And it is just about to pass under the giant treaded tyre. Now Matt had done his pre-harvest preparation of the old Gleaner meticulously and, with a thump and a squeak, he came to a halt only inches from crushing balsa and tissue.

The model had flown well beyond the theorist’s expectations and ended up two hundred meters into the next paddock. It had evidently settled gently into the canola and over the months worked its way down to ground level. Apart from a liberal coating of dried canola flower petals it was in perfect condition having survived frost, torrential flooding rains and the sunny days of early summer.

Matt came racing, in a state of excitement, over to where I was mowing the flying strip. He was on the ag bike and clutching something red to his chest. I couldn’t believe he had found Peter’s model and that it was in good shape. Now it just so happens that Ian LeBronne goes flying free flight with Peter on most Fridays. And as I was going to be seeing Ian the following weekend at a Pylon meet, I took charge of the model.

The following Tuesday evening I had a grateful phonecall from Peter. Apparently he had fuelled the little Cox 020 and after a few flicks it burst into life running like a dream. I recently saw Peter at the Muswellbrook Vets Gathering and he assures the model will make its comeback this year at Oily Hand.

Peters little FF'er looking only a
bit the worse for wear despite
several months in the weather

Build the all sheet Humbug by Sandi Bennie for Oily Hand Day

Click here for Humbug FF plans

This simple little model flies well and is robust. It will make a great model for the FF scramble at this year’s Oily Hand.

I built one when my son Owen was small and we had hours of fun chasing around the paddock. On one occasion it decided to head off, after a kilometre and rolling up our trousers for a river crossing we found it nestled in a lucerne paddock on the far bank. Another time it spent a week up a tree till a windstorm bought it down. A little glue and some oil and off it proudly flew again. Eventually it decided to retire and was committed to the ceremonial pyre.

By increasing the size to about 40” to 45” span (that’s about 135% to 150% on the photocopier) a Cox 049 reed valve engine can be accommodated. Of course a set of bearers and a nice diesel aren’t out of the question.

The original one we built had the 020 and needed some right thrust which is not shown on the plan. The knock-off method of attachment of the engine allows for easy adjustment of engine thrust. Further, on the plan, you will find that the cut width of the sheet for the wing is 4½” not the narrow width as shown in the wing plan. To get the dihedral, block one wingtip up 4½”.

Hope you find an opportunity to build and enjoy this little model.


PS: Also included here are three chuck glider plans. The smallest of these, Drifter, if built light is suitable for flying at the indoor on the Saturday night of Oily Hand. Any of them will be great for a bit of an early morning warm up on the Sat or Sun.

Click here for drifter glider plans

2011 Oily Hand Diesel Day advance notice

Greetings to all the true blue aeromodellers who are at Musswellbrook for the 'Veterans gathering' this weekend.Hope the weather is as good as its been here over the last few weeks...Even if its not you are bound to have a good time.

Don't forget that the 'Oily Hand diesel day' will be held at Cowra again this year (27-28th August).

Despite advertising with MAS NSWFFS, CLAS and SAM some people still say they didn't know it was on........so if you know anyone who might be interested please the pass the news on so they don't miss out.

Oily Hand Diesel Day

Last years report is also attached below

Hope to see you all again.

2010 Oily Hand Diesel Day report

What a great weekend!. Blessed with the best possible weather it was impossible not to have a good time. Thanks to all who came, entered into the OHDD spirit and made the event something to remember.

While Friday was a bit wet and windy, Saturday was perfectly calm from about 6am and stayed pretty much that way all day.

Bob Fisher ??? Phil Poole (alias Humphrey) having a ball as usual

bootful of models bootful of models? a couple of nice free flight models

lady flying model boy flying model dizzy boy
indoor models indoor models indoor models

2010 Oily Hand Diesel Day 2010 preparations We are already been getting phone calls for this event. Yes, it is on as usual on the last weekend of August. The field is looking good again and there is plenty of space to fly all your usual control line and free-flight models. The non-competetive and friendly atmosphere is great too with plenty of helpful advice and tips for the novices from those who are real experts in the field. Last years post-dinner Saturday get-together for some 'indoor' flying seemed to go down well so we are planning something similar this year. The 'model of the night' will be the 'Hangar rat'. This is an easy model to build and yet has a remarkable performance (look up u-tube for videos of what's possible). The aim is to have as many flying as possible so that we can do a mass launch at the end of the nightTo help you start Andy has sent out plans people who had registered in previous years. To help people who have never built one before Andy has put together a few tips to get you over the trickiest parts. So no excuses! If you can't knock one together in a night there' something wrong. Should be a good night. As a club we are really looking forward to this weekend. Our regular flyers really get a buzz out of the CL session at the end of the day when its nice and calm. Many of us are still learning the 'art' and there are plenty of stacks but usually nothing that can't be fixed with a tube or two of CA. It's all good low-cost aeromodelling, something different that gets you out of your rut and great fun. Hope to see you there, perhaps I will have perfected my 'lazy eights' by then!

Oily hand diesel day 2009 remembered (Ian)

OHDD seems to be finding a regular place in people's calandars. While we always look forward to the weekend we are also mindful of the changeable weather around this time of the year. This year we were fortunate again. The weather forecast was terrible. Those who arrived mid-day friday got some great weather and some really good flights in. Friday night however the rain and wind came. I was suprised to find everyone was keen to get out to the field but it was getting pretty bogy out there so we held off as long as we could with an informal chat around at Andy Luckett's shed.

Just before lunch time a bit of blue sky appeared again and it was on again. At the field models of all sorts appeared from cars and trailers and soon the gentle drone of diesels and the screem of cox 049s indicated that things were getting serious. By the end of the day people were happy.

The Saturday night indoor program a the local highschool hall was also well supported. It proved a little small for the HLG'ers who kept on hitting the walls and other models. RTP was sort of sucessful once we found the where the break in the power lead was. There was a bit of battle damage but after all Mitsubishi Zeros were WWII aicraft so it added an air of realism to procedings. CA fixed most of the damage but eventually the damage got too great and we had to retire. As usual, hangar rat types went really well. My 'vintage' Hangar Rat flew well considering it hadn't flown for 4-5 years and the tissue is a bit the worse for wear.

Sunday was pretty average weather wise and was much too windy for FF. The C/L boys continued to make the most of it. Even the little 049 'CAC Sabre' of Andy's went well until the wind picked up. I have never seen a C/L model do barrel rolls before, but there was no real damage done.

There was a bit of carnage. By the end of the day the were a couple of models in the scrap bin but that's aeromodelling isn't it. If you are too afraid to crash them don't fly them. Flying any model has it's risks but that's what we make them for and crashing a model or two just clears space in the shed to build some more.

Anyway, thanks to all who came. You really make our job easy, it was a pleasure to have you come. See you next year perhaps.Here are some shots from the weekend.

Saturday morning was miserable...
almost called it off!
But it cleared in time for lunch...
in time to get down to the serious business of flying
Sunday afternoon was really quite nice...except

that it was a bit windy...
but that didn't stop the C/L'ers
The Cox 049 CAC Sabre
handled it too...sort of
here's Andy showing how it's done
Line up of models awaiting
their turn

so many models came out of cars
as it cleared on Saturday afternoon
Phil's sorta Hurricane 'Ebeneezer'? Anthony and Ray from Leeton
showing their stuff

more models kept on appearing the smile says it all we hope some scale RTP battle damage

Oily Hand day is upon us(Ian)

The 29-30 th of August is now only a week away and judging from the number of phone calls we are getting there seems to be quite a bit of interest in the event. Thanks to all those who have called, it certainly makes catering a whole lot easier when you have some idea on numbers.

After a promising start work has once again got in the way. So far I have only finished the two Ebeneezers. I might get the Tomboy finished before the event If I am fortunate. The CL Spitfire and FF Sopwth Pup may have to wait till next year.

Other than that everthing is just about ready. Matthew has had his hard working girls out there mowing the whole paddock so we should have plenty of room for about 3 CL circles of various sizes if needed and as long as you don't fly out of the paddock (i.e. if you remember to set the timer) finding your FF model should be no problem. Andy and I also spent a relaxed evening screen-printing the OHDD 'rags' that we give out as part of the registration package. With a bit more training from Andy I reckon I'll be ready to have a go at that WWI German 'lozenge' camouflage fabic a 1/4 scale DVIII project. Now all we need is the weather to do the right thing and we are all set for another enjoyable weekends aeromodelling.

As those who have come in the past know, the Weather at this time of year is unpredictable. So far we have always managed to get some good flying in over most of the weekend, but come prepared with warm jackets, beanies and perhaps a raincoat. For those who suffer from hay fever remember this is spring and the wattle and the canola will be out in full bloom. Nice to look at but a bane for those who suffer - still its hard to get away from wherever you are I guess.

Oily Hand Diesel Day 2009 planning (Ian)

The OHDD is one of the clubs main activities during the year. It’s almost a Cowra MAC tradition now and with interest from our regular visitors increasing it’s time to get our act together and make it happen again. The date set for the event is the 28-30th August at Cowra's Milroy field near Canowindra. More information provided on the following links.

Oily Hand Diesel Day info sheet

Cowra MAC flying field

This year the featured model type will be the internationally famous Earl Stahl “Ebeneezer” design for free flight. While the original was designed for Cox 020 or 0.5cc diesel engines it can be scaled up by 33% and the cheaper Cox 049 fitted. They are really easy to build in an afternoon because they are just made from 3mm and 6mm sheet balsa. Other than that it will be low-key flying as usual with free flight in the calm dewy mornings until the breeze picks up then unmuffled glow or diesel Control Line and R/C diesel (in slots) for the rest of the day. Sorry, no ordinary glow-powered R/C allowed. By all means bring your surplus gear for sale or swapping.

Flying will commence from lunchtime on Friday 28th but nothing has been planned for dinner on this night as people tend to make their own informal arrangements. Supper will be held at either Andy’s or Ian’s ‘hanger’ if there is a need.

Based on previous experience flying will commence from daybreak on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th. A catered breakfast and lunch will be available at the field both days. Saturday night we are going to suggest that we have dinner together at a local club followed by a night session of RTP (see description below) electric/ indoor rubber/HLG flying at a local basket-ball court for a bit of a change of pace.

A couple of the original Ebeneezers are shown below, but plans for a 'Tiger Moth', 'Fokker DVII' and a 'Rezeenebe' cannard plus several other Ebeneezer class models also exist.

Lets hope this year is as good as the prevoius three have been. For reports on previous years events scroll down the page a bit. Registration will be a flat rate of $15 for the weekend whether you fly one, two or three days but this will include morning and afternoon teas. Obviously the longer you stay the better off you are but its prety good value even for one days flying.

The Third Oily Hand Diesel Day, Sepember 2008 (Ian)

Despite concerns about the weather about 30 committed fliers made the trek to Cowra for another feast of traditional aeromodelling.The weather had been great all week, always a worry. The best forecasts were for deteriorating weather over Saturday and at least 25 mm rain on Sunday. In the end it wasn't all that bad and we had a great time.

Saturday was glorious! I had told everone that we would start out at the field at 830hrs quietly thinking that would give me half an hour to set up if I got there by 800hrs. When I got there, having put up a few signs, there were some bright eyed aeromodellers at the field and several FF models were already in the air. It soon got better and better with more modellers rolling up to enjoy the best of FF conditions.

Models kept spilling out of car boots and the noise of little AEs, Mills, DC/Albion Darts and Merlins, MP Jets diesels and Cox 020s drifted across the expanse the field. Models were always taking to the air. Tomboys, Deakons, Humbugs and various versions of the Ebeneezer design seemed to be popular and performed really well. The Ebeneezers seemed to be able to take an enormous amount of punishment...and they needed to as they tended to 'arrive' rather than land. Phil Poole's 020 powered Ebeneezer had almost vertical performance attaining a tremendous height for a such a small model. The corresponding 1 km retrieval from the neighbouring paddock took a while too but it was worth it wasn't it Phil? Peter Jackson made the pilgrimage to Cowra for the second time and it was great to see his highly detailed FF WW1 fighter squadron in action again. These models not only have character, they really take on the character of the full size aircraft, fly consistently and look realistic in flight. Little gems!

As the day went on some clouds rolled in and a gentle wind picked up. The FF activity was replaced by CL'ers and diesel powered glider-guiders who had been patiently waiting their turn. A few tall tales, lots of unselfish sharing of aeromodelling wisdom and sources of materials just about filled in the day. Everyone went off thinking Saturday's flying had been so good that it didn't matter what Sunday brought.

Saturday. Perfect FF weather This 'Flying Carpet' performed well Sunday. Cloudy but flyable despite predictions

Indeed Sunday did look like a washout at first and I was suprised to find several intrepid fliers out at the strip. But then it sort of cleared just enough to resume flying again. Dave Heggarty managed to forget to set the DT and the little diesel (which had been a bit cranky up to this point) just kept going and going. It eventually came down over a kilometre away in a paddock of chest high Canola. It was eventually located and retrieved but even from that distance it was obvious that the CL boys had started getting down to some serious flying. The unmuffled engines creating quite a racket even at that distance.

Bob Fisher and Phil Poole preparing yet another model Peter Jackson's impressive WWI squadron Dave Heggarty's errant mylar covered Tomboy

The team from Kuringai MAC team demonstrated some team racing and several 'Peacemakers' showed off their brand of fast and furious aerobatics. In fact CL was well represented over the two days. Andy and Owen Luckett demonstrated their 'Trout' trainer. It's a basic Cox 049 design with subtle refinements that allows basic aerobatic manoeuvres without sacrificing crash resistance. Another design that took my eye was George Carr's large Taurus design from Aeromodeller Magazine that was powered by an Enya 45. Is the plan for this model still available George?

More CL action. At times there were 3 circles operating A nice batch of team racers A group of gentlemen await Sunday roast to be served

At about 1500hrs the end came in dramatic fashion. A big black cloudbank which had been threatening for some time finally came our way and literally blew us all away. A quick pack up, hurried farewells and we all went our separate ways.

I hope everyone had a great time, I know we did. Thanks to everyone who came and made this a really enjoyable and trouble-free event. This more traditional form of aeromodelling is great and deserves a resurgence. It doesn't cost a mint and there is something in it for everyone. It is a refreshing change from the ARF roundabout or the continuing complexity and cost of more developed disciplines of the sport. Want some simple fun, fresh air, exercise and good company? There are plenty of designs that fly well for minimal investment in time and money. On the otherhand the more refined models take a great deal of attention to detail and skill both in construction and trimming them so that engine and aircraft perform consistently.

God willing, we hope to see you all next year.

For another report from Dave heggarty of the the NSW FF Association see the following link click here )

Oily Hand Diesel Day (4th-5th August 2007)

A really good couple of days were had by those who attended but boy was it cold. For once the weather forecasters had it just about right although there was not as many showers as predicted. We had some nice weather early on Saturday when the sun was out but then the cloud came in and it was a case of ad a few more layers of clothes. Still it shows you what a hardy bunch aeromodellers are that the took it all in their stride and got out model after model to fly. Peter Jackson had one near fly away with his Silver Se5a' and saw a bit of the local countryside. This aircraft also survived a close encounter with a big grey box tree, prefering to fly around it rather than through it. While the delicate free flighters prefered the still morning air the CL and RC models flew all day. Inspiring stuff! I didn't hear one negative comment one weekend.

Catering went well thanks once again to Andy's marvellous kitchen skills. Homemade vegie soup and buns on the Saturday and Country rissoles on the Sunday (yes we fired up the new barbie) plus morning and afternoon tea. The kettle was always on however and copious quantities of tea and coffee were drunk in an effort to stay warm. Thanks to club members Andy, Andrew, Matt and Ian for running the day.

Thanks also to all visitors, it was great to both catch up with people who came last year as well as meet some new faces. Mike and Christine who now live in Dubbo dropped in for a cup of coffee and to drop off some bits and pieces but Mike decided not to risk his little Dalaire in the (then) gusty weather. Some photos from the day below attempt to capture the sprit of the day. Many more shots were taken but it is impossible to post them all.

diesel1 diesel2
diesel4 diesel5 diesel6
diesel diesel

(in order top to bottom and left to right)
1) Weather of the day, overcast with a cool breeze but no rain.
2) Action around the canteen. Andy's homemade soup and buns from his 'girlfriend' for lunch.
3) Ian admiring the detail and beauty of Peter Jacksons squadron of WWI free flight models.
4) Bob Fisher with one of the many diesel models he brought on the day.
5) Phil Poole and Tomboy, a great combination.
6) Ian Le Bronne also flew his models consistently over the two days including a 0.01ci cox powered foam model from Russia.